– Is your team ready for some hard work?


Everyone can benefit from being coached, not only the members of the team, but also the leader of this team. This coaching programme is about increasing one’s self-knowledge and self-awareness in regards to how you work as a leader in a team, as well as to learn more about the different types of leadership necessary for a variety of teams.

Do you need to have control?

Coaching for individuals

Are you limited by your fears? Do you have low self-esteem? Are you stuck in a destructive behaviour but dream about daring to break free, to invest in your own personal development, to stop or begin something, change old patterns, do more and better, to prioritise, make your own choices, and more than anything else: to become the best version of you? Does this sound interesting?


Elizabeth Kuylenstierna is a therapist, coach, author, and one of Sweden’s most requested lecturers.


Elizabeth works hard to reach her goal; to make a difference. She is constantly aiming to help people for them to be able to live their lives fully, to use their full capacity, make their dreams come true, challenge themselves, and feel more alive. Every day!

Elizabeth is frequently booked as a lecturer, both in Sweden and abroad.

It is obvious that Elizabeth has lectured for a range of groups and professions, as she is comfortable in most contexts. She has been nominated for Swedish Speaker of the Year several times.

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