A non-profit organisation that supports girls 12-25 years old in Sweden

A non-profit organisation with the aim to improve the rights and conditions of children and teenagers in Sweden

A non-profit organisation with the aim to stop child pornography, sex tourism and trafficking of children all over the world

A non-profit organisation that supports children all over the world through medication and education

Pro Bono Work

To share her time, experience, knowledge, commitment and heart does not only come natural to Elizabeth Kuylenstierna, but is also part of her fundamental values, and a necessity for her to live in accordance with the work she is doing.

Elizabeth is supporting these non-profit organisations in the following ways:

Tjejzonen (The Girl Zone)

Girls aged 15-24 years old are feeling worse than ever in Sweden, but there is help to receive. Tjejzonen supports girls from aged 12 up to 25 through face-to-face meetings or online chats, open five evenings a week.

Elizabeth Kuylenstierna chats with girls every second week, and support them with her time and commitment through listening and responding.
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BRIS (Children’s Right in Society)

Elizabeth volunteered at BRIS for 11 years, where she talked in the phone and answered emails from children and teenagers all over Sweden who did not have any other grownup to turn to.

BRIS is an organisation for children who want to talk about bullying, addictions, love, sexual abuse, psychological and physical abuse, friends, family, and other topics.

Elizabeth did not only volunteer for BRIS every third week, but was also the deputy BRIS-delegate and coached other volunteers. Elizabeth has remained a member since BRIS reorganised its structure and thereby removed its volunteering section.
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Elizabeth was a member of the Ecpat Council in 2010-2014. Ecpat is short for End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes. The organisation works worldwide to stop the sex trade of children, sex tourism involving children, and child pornography – the world’s third largest illegal trade industry, after drugs and weapons.
Throughout this time, Elizabeth donated her salary from several lecturers to Ecpat, which has raised 100 000 SEK to the organisation. Today she is supporting Ecpat as a member.
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Cancerfonden (The Cancer Fund)

Elizabeth has supported Cancerfonden through her work with ‘Mustachkampen’, a Swedish campaign to raise money and awareness about prostate cancer. Elizabeth contributed through writing about her experiences of cancer, as a friend of hers was ill, and Elizabeth followed the friend throughout the treatment process. The text was published in the Kontanten ATMs on 12th May 2011, at Cancerfonden’s website and on Facebook.
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Hemlösa (Homeless)

Elizabeth has supported homeless women through her own fundraising projects. She called large companies and asked them to donate those items that most women take for granted, but that is always scarce for homeless women, such as underwear, make up, soaps, lotions, pads, tampons and so on.

In the last few years, Elizabeth has led group counselling sessions with homeless women, with the purpose of strengthening their identity, self-esteem and self-respect.
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Child sponsor (Donor, UNICEF)

Elizabeth, together with her family, is donating to UNICEF every month. They support UNICEF’s work all over the world, not just to help one child, but many children at the same time. The money goes to schools, clean water, food, medicine and everything else that is needed.
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