Therapy for individuals

Do you need to have control? Do you have performance anxiety? Unfulfilled dreams and hopes, no zest for life, a lack of self knowledge, or the feeling that life is just passing by? Does your jealousy ruin relationships? Are you limited by your fears? Do you have low self-esteem? Are you stuck in a destructive behaviour but dream about daring to break free, to invest in your own personal development, to stop or begin something, change old patterns, do more and better, to prioritise, make your own choices, and more than anything else: to become the best version of you? Does this sound interesting?

Therapy or coaching begins with a first session with Elizabeth Kuylenstierna, and then the following sessions will be custom-made completely after your needs. Elizabeth is one of the most requested life coaches in Sweden, and has been so over the past few years. She is strongly committed and engaged in the happiness of people, and wants to strengthen people on the inside and out.

Therapy or coaching for individuals will help you to:

  • Make your dreams come true through setting goals and work towards achieving these
  • Boosting your self-esteem and confidence, increase your self-respect and self-knowledge
  • Use your full capacity as a human
  • Handle the demands and expectations in your surroundings
  • Balance your personal life and career
  • Let go of unwanted behaviours and enjoy life to the fullest
  • Create the conditions necessary to have a good relationship with your family, partner, children, colleagues, friends and others
  • Communicate successfully with people in your surrounding

Therapy for couples

Are you and your partner struggling to communicate with each other? Maybe you find it difficult to listen to each other, get confused when you are trying to understand each other, or are struggling to find back the love that brought you together in first place?

Elizabeth Kuylenstierna has worked with therapy for couples for many years, and helped many couples to understand the challenges, to get to know themselves better and thereby also become better at communicating with each other. She works thoroughly with needs, communication, desires and expectations, and make sure that both partners will have the space to express themselves and be respected.

All the couples that meet Elizabeth will have to map out what their relationship looks like today, what they want more or less of, what they are missing, what challenges they are facing and how they can approach each other. They will get progressive tasks to work on between sessions, including tasks to handle moments of irritation and people stealing our energy, to set out priorities and recognise individual contributions.

The therapy will go on for a few months or more, depending on the challenges of the couple.

Therapy for couples will help you to:

  • Solve conflicts in the relationship
  • Increase the willingness to give and receive in the relationship
  • Create space for love in your everyday life
  • Become more aware of your individual and mutual needs
  • Be better at listening to each other, and how to express yourself with clarity
  • Find ways to communicate successfully with each other
  • Get to know each other, and who you are as a person today, especially for couples that have been together for a longer period

Grief recovery

The Grief Recovery programme is an established method about how to process and handle the grief of someone’s passing, separations, betrayals and other losses. The programme was created to give you the knowledge you need to let go of the grief, in order for you to be able to enjoy life again. The programme was founded by Americans Russell Friedman and John James, who have successfully worked with this method all over the world.

The passing of a friend or a family member, divorces, conflicts, economic changes or illnesses are some examples of losses that may need grief recovery. The loss can limit your way of living, and can have a large impact on you no matter if it occurred recently or a long time ago.

There is a lack of knowledge about grief and the consequences of unprocessed grief in society. The correct recovery process can give you the emotional healing that you need and thereby increase your quality of life and the opportunity to move on.

Elizabeth Kuylenstierna will guide you through the grief recovery process, with the assumption of you committing fully. The focus must be on your unfinished communication, your unprocessed loss, your broken dreams and expectations, or the hope of a “better yesterday”.

The Grief Recovery programme includes seven sessions with as much contact as needed, and will be done with professional secrecy.

Chrisis management for individuals

Most people will be affected by a crisis at some point in their life; an unforeseen and unwanted situation where help will be required in order to process the crisis and move on.

Crisis management for individuals can be required when someone you care about has passed away, if you lose your job, if you suddenly have a serious disease, if you are going through a separation, among other things. It can be any situation that leaves you in a state of shock, or that brings an unwanted change, which you find difficult to handle.

Crisis management includes counselling with relatively frequent sessions in a calm and safe environment. The crisis management will go on as long as you may need. You will usually book a few sessions at a time.

The crisis management sessions will be custom-made to your needs, since all people react to crisis differently. However, most people tend to feel more vulnerable, and therefore it is important that respect, warmth and flexibility are embedded in the crisis management.

Councelling for teenagers and young adults

Elizabeth worked pro bono at BRIS (Barnens Rätt i Samhället/Children’s Rights in Society) for 11 years. During that time, she talked to many young individuals and covered all the topics that are important for teenagers.

Today she is working at Tjejzonen (The Girl Zone) where she is listening to and supporting girls between the ages of 10 and 25, with a session every second week.

Elizabeth is also welcoming young adults to receive face-to-face counselling, to help at a deeper level. She is available to guide, relieve and listen to teenagers and young adults who need an adult to talk to and bounce ideas with; someone who can take them seriously and at the same time support them and help them to boost their confidence during the transition from child to adult.

Elizabeth is open to counsel young adults pro bono, as she wants to contribute to society. There are a limited number of spaces, due to time constraints, but Elizabeth will be fully committed to those that can attend her sessions. The teenagers and young adults with the biggest need and the smallest wallets will be allowed for free, whereas those parents that can contribute are encouraged to do so.

Do you need help, or do you know someone else that does? There is currently at least one space available this spring. Please email

Elizabeth is available for clients all over the world via Skype sessions.